penis traction

Traction Used To Extend Neck

Penis Traction – How It Works

A penis traction device also known as a penis extender uses traction to elongate the male organ.

Throughout the centuries ancient tribes and even modern day tribes have used the concept of traction to elongate body parts such as the neck as illustrated on the photo to the left.

ProExtend uses the same concept to elongate the penis and to add girth. The process does not happen overnight and needs to be performed properly to maximize results and avoid injury. One thing is certain and cannot be disputed, this method works!

Penis Traction Science

Understanding the science behind penis traction devices is important, so understanding the inner workings of your male organ is vital. The penis is a complex organ but it is also a strong and adaptable organ, just its functionality alone is impressive. How many organs do we have that can increase significantly in size at will and then go back to its original size?

Lets take a look at the anatomy of our priced organ.

penis traction

Basic Internal Penis Structure

The corpora cavernosa are two cavities or chambers that run the length of the organ. These chambers fill with blood to create an erection. When you use the ProExtend system, you apply small amounts of pressure on your penis by producing a continuous stretch of the organ. This force leads to a breakdown of your tissue and cells which automatically signals the body to regenerate. Your cavities are forced to expand and when your cells and tissue regenerate they fill in the added space produced by the stretch of your organ. The process is very similar to lifting weights and working out. When you work out to get more mass what you essentially do is tear muscle tissue triggering the regeneration process which leads to bigger and stronger muscles.

Penis Traction Device

The process with a penis traction device like and extender will safely lead to a larger organ both in an erect state and flaccid state. It also improves circulation allowing more blood to flow and fill the cavities for a stronger and longer erection. It will increase the length of your organ and also the girth or thickness.

Results vary from person to person but you can expect to see noticeable results from 4-6 weeks with proper use. Some people report visible gains within the first 2 weeks.

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