Affordable Prostate Massager

Prostate MassagerWe sell a quality and affordable prostate massager, made from high quality medical grade materials.

This vibrating massager comes with batteries included and is ready to be used right out of the box. Its vibrating motion works wonders for men in two ways, it provides a very pleasurable feeling if used during sexual intercourse or sexual play but it also has a purpose in promoting a healthier prostate.

Compare Our Prostate Massager

Shop around and see for yourself, our prostate massager is a great value. We make it affordable and with our free shipping (within the continental United States) via priority mail we get it to you super fast! Unlike other massagers which do not vibrate, ours provides added prostate stimulation due to the vibrating action. This device has become one of the best selling prostate products around due to its effectiveness and ease of use.

Buy the Rude Boy Style Prostate Massager

We sell our prostate massager for only $25.99 (shipping included)! Not a misprint at all, you will pay in excess of $40 for similar products and even excess of $80 for the “name brand” variety. This vibrating massager performs exactly the same way at a fraction of the cost to the consumer!

prostate massager

When you receive the product make sure to remove the bullet (tip) button. This will expose the battery compartment, make sure to remove the protective small piece of paper which prevents the battery to make contact and power up. Once you have removed the paper screw the bullet back on and operate. We always recommend a proper cleaning after use with water and soap.

Thanks for considering our prostate massager!